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Art of Photography

International Photography Exhibition

deadline May 20, 2023

Experience the "Art of Photography" in a whole new way through our exhibition, where we showcase the endless possibilities of this powerful medium as a separate art form.

We welcome photographers from around the world to submit their most striking and thought-provoking images in both black and white or color, whether your approach is classic or innovative.

From images that are easily understood to those that carry a hard-to-reach meaning, we encourage you to explore your creative side and be a part of this unique and dynamic exhibition.

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your work and be a part of the "Art of Photography". Submit your best shots today and join us on this visual journey through the power and beauty of photography.

International Photography Exhibition "BODY REVEALED"

International Photography Exhibition

deadline 02/28/2023

Welcome to our upcoming photo exhibition, where we invite you to explore the beauty and complexity of the human body through the eyes of talented photographers from around the world. Our theme, "Body Revealed", encompasses the diversity of the human form, from the youthful exuberance of curves to the wisdom etched in the lines of age. We invite photographers to submit their most striking and thought-provoking images, whether they be candid, defiant, modest, naked, or hidden. We welcome submissions in both black and white and color, and look forward to seeing how each photographer chooses to interpret the theme of "Body Revealed" through their unique perspective. This is a great opportunity for photographers to showcase their work and be a part of a dynamic and exciting exhibition. So, we encourage you to take a moment to explore your creative side and submit your best shots today. Join us on this visual exploration of the human body and be a part of this unique and meaningful exhibition.


Annual International Photography Exhibition

deadline 12/31/2022

The wonder of photography capturing the beauty of the world for you to enjoy it from the comfort of your home.  The photography can satisfy every person to the abundance of accessible styles.

This time of the year, when everything around is wrapped up in the magic of the holiday season, we’ve decided to keep the theme open and offer your endless opportunities to send us a picture of your choice, something that you love, or something that captured your attention. It can be anything, try to daze us. Everyone enjoys observing reflections, and skilled photographers have the ability to make them eternal. We will open the doors of our virtual exhibition on January 7 2023 for everyone to admire your art.


International Photography Exhibition

deadline 11/13/2022

The paths we walk daily, we make them streets. We built this world from
scratch, into the magnificent masterpiece that it is now. The towering cities with their sky scrapers, blinding lights and bustling pedestrians. The little towns with bagel shops and Sunday church services. The outer villages, with the prosperous fields, the grazing sheep trotting their hoof-paved paths, and tractors growling along on small, one lane roads. Urban, suburban, rural, you name it… These landscapes fill our daily lives, minds and hearts. Now, discover a whole new world, and make it BLACK and WHITE! What landscapes fill your daily life? You might look at it and think, how mundane. But now, change your perspective, discover a whole new world, and make it BLACK and WHITE.
Show us the beauty of your favorite hidden spots.

International Photography Exhibition TEXTURES

International Photography Exhibition

deadline 10/17/2022

Textures shape our daily lives. Artists can create texture in several ways -not just by the materials they choose, but by the way they see those materials. We perceive textures from the moment of birth, wen each interaction is brining sensation. The pleasant breeze of air on a warm autumn day, the gentle rustle of a stream, the burning but inviting prickliness of hot sand on the beach, our every movement is met by texture. From the gruesome to the charming.Oftentimes, we forget events, the specific details, the sights, the sounds, but the feelings still
remain for decades after creating everlasting memories in our minds. Present and lingering,these memories caused by texture remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we will be;Arguably making texture the most important out of the five senses.Every photographer’s gaze - it’s magical, and every photograph - deliberately intentional. The
specific frame, the angle, the timing, all so precise yet so fluid. At Art Square Gallery NY, we see images differently, as we know how much thought goes into each one. We want to know, - what piques your gaze. Share your favorite snapshots with us and give others a chance to view the wonders of the world through your eyes.

 International Photography Exhibition FLOWERS

International Photography Exhibition

deadline 9/18/2022

Flowers are symbolic of beauty, love and tranquility. Yet, we also give them in times of sorrow ,and remembrance. Just as flowers brighten an otherwise barren field, they brighten our lives, building a magical garden in our hearts to fuel our soul for the day. Everyone has their own favorite: the classical rose, the expressive lily, or the shining sunflower. The possibilities are
endless just as they are in photography. Each one presenting its own characteristics, with its own outlook on life, no flower is identical, despite their seemingly simple beginnings as a tiny seed. To each person, each flower brings a different emotion, and at different times non-identical, too, just as photography affects us all differently.

Send us your favorite photographs of flowers. And let the world feel the magical aura created by these beautiful blossoms.

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