International Photography Exhibition

11/19/2022 - 12/04/2022

The paths we walk daily, we call them streets. We built this world from scratch, into the magnificent masterpiece that it is now. The towering cities with their sky scrapers, blinding lights and bustling pedestrians. The little towns with bagel shops and Sunday church services where people know each other. The outer villages, with the
prosperous fields, the grazing sheep trotting their hoof-paved paths, and tractors growling along on small, one lane roads. Urban, suburban, rural, you name it…
These landscapes fill our daily lives, minds and hearts. Now, discover a whole new world, and make it BLACK and WHITE!

amazing birds

Personal Photography Exhibition

by Scott Rauland
11/1/2022 - 11/15/2022

After retiring from a 27-year career with the U.S. Information Agency and the Department of State, Wisconsin native Scott Rauland was able to focus on his hobbies of bird watching and nature photography.  He spent his first two years of retirement living in Brasilia, where he managed to track down about 40% of Brazil’s more than 1,800 species of birds, and has added tens of thousands of images to his collection of photos. He and his wife, Frances, recently relocated to Switzerland, and are thoroughly enjoying exploring this part of the world.

International Photography Exhibition

 complete 11/05/2022

Textures shape our daily lives. Artists can create texture in several ways - not just by the materials they choose, but by the way they see those materials. We perceive textures from the moment of birth, wen each interaction is brining sensation. The pleasant breeze of air on a warm autumn day, the gentle rustle of a stream, the burning but inviting prickliness of hot sand on the beach, our every movement is met by texture. From the gruesome to the charming. Oftentimes, we forget events, the specific details, the sights, the sounds, but the feelings still remain for decades after creating everlasting memories in our minds. Present and lingering,these memories caused by texture remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we will be;
Arguably making texture the most important out of the five senses.
This is why we, at Art Square Gallery NY, decided to open an exhibition featuring texture. We invite you to reveal our 3D gallery and experience a sensation like no other from the magical
influences brought about by textures from all around the globe.

International Photography Exhibition

complete 10/16/2022

Flowers symbolize beauty, love and tranquility. Just as flowers brighten an otherwise barren field, they brighten our lives, building a magical garden in our hearts to fuel our soul for the day. Everyone has their own favorites: the classical rose, the expressive lily, or the shining sunflower. The possibilities are endless just as they are in photography. Each one presenting its own peculiarities and inspiration, no flower is identical, despite their seemingly simple beginnings as a tiny seed. Each person’s perception of a flower will be different, depending on emotions, environment and sometimes, a company and at different times non-identical, too, just as photography affects us all differently. So many opinions, all so valid. View our Flowers Gallery, and share yours with us.

International Photography Exhibition

complete 3/12/2022

Appearing on this planet before the dawn of human times, it can be found everywhere. From the sunlit beaches of the Caribbean, to the sand dunes on Antarctica’s glaciated shores, the deserts of the moon, and Mars’s stormy climate. Its appearance and uses: so versatile. Yet itself, so fine and miniature, each granule being just a tiny speck in the galaxy. The detail of the images presented is just as fine tuned as sand. So delicate, so magnificent. This stunning collection pushes the boundaries of photography in this day and age, showcasing the most intricate of today’s photography.

International Photography Exhibition

complete 1/15/2022

Black and White; The most basic, the most fundamental. But are they? It all began here, in 1826, when the first picture was taken using an experimental camera obscura. Colored photography was discovered in the 1860s but became mainstream only an entire century later. Despite its’ antique origins, this type of expression has proven to withstand the test of time and continues to be popular till this day. Not even a color, but merely a shade; So many possibilities, yet such elegant outcomes. Black and white removes any distraction and bias provided by color and emphasizes every minute detail captured within the image, allowing for stellar emphasis and focus. Our hand picked selection of photographs brings around a timeless aura and demonstrates just how special the existence of these commonly overlooked pigments is.