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ART SQUARE GALLERY, NEW YORK was founded in 2019 by a group of enthusiasts. The
   virtual exhibition has gained popularity among the photography community during the pandemic
   of 2020. Offering a platform for both the artists and photography fans of any level, our goal is to
   unite people from all over the globe and all walks of life through their passion for creativity.
   Unlike many other virtual art platforms, ART SQUARE GALLERY, NEW YORK
   all sorts of exhibitions in one place, making it an extremely unique and diverse space. We
   prioritize offering equal opportunity for recognition for starting and high-skilled photographers
   looking to share their talent with the world.

ART SQUARE GALLERY, NEW YORK has experience in showcasing:
-   international, virtual exhibitions
-   personal exhibitions, allowing creators to rent virtual halls and promote them on the
    internet making their artwork boundless.
-  real time exhibitions set up by museums, art centers, and communities around the

   We value every artists’ viewpoint and take a very personalized approach to artwork. Any of our
   numerous exhibition halls can be customized to suit your spirit and desires, creating the perfect
   atmosphere for every individual.

ART SQUARE GALLERY, NEW YORK is convinced that all formats of exhibitions engender
   emotion: Whether that be passion, shock, surprise, etc., but in any case inspire a lot of people
   willing to join the mysterious and magical world of photographic art.

                       For questions and cooperation, please contact us 

                                    EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT FOR CREATIVITY !

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