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International Photography Exhibition



Entry Deadline:                               July 28, 2024

Notice of Acceptance:                    August 2, 2024

Notice for Grand Prize Winners:    August 8, 2024 

Times Square Presentation Date:  August 10, 2024
Exhibition Dates:                            August 10, 2024 -

                                                         October 20, 2024


Celebrate artistic innovation with 'Art SQUARE at Times SQUARE,' an open-topic exhibition hosted by Art Square Gallery. At the heart of this grand showcase lies a distinct honor – the spotlight on the five outstanding winners. These five exceptional works, meticulously selected, will star in a promotional video displayed on the monumental screen of Times Square in New York City.

As you immerse yourself in the captivating collection of this open-topic exhibition, appreciate the boundless artistic freedom and creativity without constraints. Here, diversity reigns, and the artistry knows no bounds. It is a testament to the unceasing spirit of contemporary art.

Join us in this exhilarating artistic journey, where Art Square Gallery serves as the launchpad for visionary expressions that defy space and time. This exhibition embodies the gallery's unwavering commitment to amplifying and showcasing the extraordinary in a spectacular display amidst the vibrant heart of the Big Apple.


From the photographs participating in the virtual exhibition, five photographs will be selected to receive a GRAND PRIZE: featured in an advertising video by Art Square Gallery on one of the digital billboards in Times Square, New York. The screening is scheduled for August 10, 2024 and the video will be shown approximately 22 times per day.

To be eligible for display in Times Square, your photo must meet the requirements of the advertising company that owns the billboard. The requirements are as follows:

- No political or religious content.
- No nudity or vulgar content.
- No smoking or alcohol-related content.
- Please think of Times Square as Disneyland; if your content can be D
isplayed there, it can be displayed in Times Square.

If your photo/video features a famous person, you'll need to provide their authorization (or authorization from their manager) to display your content on a billboard in Times Square.




Online 3D International Photography Exhibition. Images will be showcased in our

“Art SQUARE at Times SQUARE” exhibition which will be open to the public. Viewers will receive a sophisticated, realistic gallery experience, with the ability to “walk around” and browse the photography.



Up to 25 images will be selected by the juror for exhibition at ART SQUARE GALLERY. Photographers will be notified of the status of their images 5 days after the deadline. Accepted photographs will be posted on the exhibition page  at that time and will be available to view to the public. Additionally, a catalog featuring all of the accepted images will be published shortly after and available for purchase at



Administration of ART SQUARE GALLERY



$19.00 for submission set of 3 images.

$9.00 for each additional image.

The submission of no more than 10 images per artist is allowed for this exhibition.

Payment is accepted by Credit / Debit Card through our secure online submission site.



Submissions are accepted as digital files through our online submission form.

- Images must be saved and submitted as JPEG.

- Images must be 1920 pixels or less on longest side.

- Images must be 8MB or less.

- Images must have a title.

- images cannot have watermarks and signatures.



Artists retain all rights to their own images. Artists whose photographs are accepted for exhibition provide ART SQUARE GALLERY the nonexclusive right to use, publish, and redistribute digital files for the purpose of the exhibition, promoting the artist, promoting related programs, and subsequent display on ART SQUARE's website, social media, and online exhibition platforms. The artist's name and photo title will be included wherever the photographs are displayed.

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